George Nader acted in many TV serials, Theatre Plays and Movies during his career spanning almost 2 decades. Nader was a true creative professional who knew he had to act from a very young age. He did his bachelors in theatre expressions to this effect from Occidental College.

His first on screen presence was in ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ in 1950 while at the same time he was seen on stage as well with ‘summer and smoke’. The major breakthrough which Nader received was with ‘Robot Monster’ in 1953 where he played in a starring role.

With Universal, Nader was subjected to supporting roles and short cameos only. However, there were a couple of movies like ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ (1955) ( ) and ‘The Lady Godiva of Coventry’ (1955) ( ) where he played the starring role. These were the roles turned down by Jeff Chandler.

Other noteworthy movies played by Nader are ‘Sins of Jezebel’, ‘4 guns to the border’, ‘Miss Robin Crusoe’ and ‘Carnival Story’. He also appeared in a variety of television shows such as ‘The Loretta Young Show’, ‘Hallmark of Fame’, ‘Schlitz Playhouse of Stars’, and ‘Your Play Time’ among others. He also acted in ‘The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse’ and ‘Cavalcade of America’.

During the 60s Nader appeared in many movies like ‘The secret Mark of D’Artagnan’, ‘The Great Space Adventure’ and a ‘Walk by the Sea’. He even acted in ‘GI Smith’ which unfortunately never got made.

In the late 60s Nader moved to Europe and acted in a series of German films like ‘Manhattan Night of Murder’ (1965) and ‘Tip Not Included’ (1966). He also acted in ‘The Trap Snaps Shut at Midnight’ (1966), ‘Murderers Club of Brooklyn’ (1967), ‘Death in the Red Jaguar’ (1968), ‘Death and Diamonds’ (1968), and ‘Dead Body on Broadway’ (1969). He played the role of Jerry Cotton in these movies and these were the last great movies of his career.