George Garfield Nader (born 1921) was one of the most underrated actors of Hollywood. He was born to Alice Scott from Kansas and George Sr. from Illinois. Throughout his life Nader was blessed with good looks and a muscular appearance. The looks he got from his father’s Lebanese origins and for his beefcake appearance he lifted weights and did heavy swimming.

George Nader started his acting career in Pasadena Playhouse ( after serving his country in US Navy for 3 years. This is also where he met his lifelong partner Mark Miller. Nader’s first turning point movie was ‘Robot Monster’ in 1953 which landed him a contract with Universal.

Eventhough, Nader was awarded the Golden award for being the ‘Most promising Newcomer of the year’ in 1955 he never made it to the A-list. This was majorly due to Universal already having other beefcake A-grade actors on its payroll.

The threat of a scandal in early 60’s, made Nader leave Hollywood for good and head for Europe. He acted in many European movies during this time and made a name for himself. He almost captured the glory of acting and fame in Europe. Alas! Fate had it another way and he met with a car accident which rendered him unable to act in front of bright lights.

Nader had to quit his acting. However, George was never one to be put down and he soon focused his creative energies to authoring a sci-fi book called ‘Chrome’. In the late 70s Nader and Miller moved back to United States for good.

They took up a place in Palm Springs with the money from Hudson’s estates ( bequeathed to them. Nader would often live between Palm Springs and Hawaii, flying to and fro many times in a year.

During one such visit in 2001, Nader came down with a common bacterial infection. However, the infection manifested itself and Nader had to be admitted to a nursing home. In 2002, on February 4, Nader passed away quietly and without much fuss.