George Nader acted in many movies during the 50s to 70s period. This period is also called a period of change in Hollywood cinema as directors were becoming more liberal and ready to take chances. In fact, Nader’s first blockbuster film was a 3D special in which he played the starring role.

‘Robot Monster’ ( was directed by Phil Tucker in a total of 4 days on a budget of $16,000. The film went on to make millions on the box office and quite possibly the highest Nader ever had. Because of this film’s success Nader was picked up by Universal and cast alongside A-grade actors such as Rock Hudson, Jeff Chandler and Tony Curtis.

Nader placed a number of attributed on the fore front. Honesty, Loyalty and Friendship were among the highest rated qualities in his life. Nader stuck with one partner Mark Miller throughout his life. He had met Miller during his struggling days in the sets of a theatre.

He was also one of the best friends which Hudson had. Nader and Miller were never romantically involved with Hudson, and still took care of him during his dying days of AIDS. Hudson bequeathed his estate which was valued at almost $27 million dollars to Nader and Miller together ( .

In a time when homosexuality was a taboo and actors would often be seen with women just to maintain their image, Nader was living with his partner Mark Miller and was seldom seen in the company of a woman alone. Though, Nader did not come out during his acting career, he never made a show of being straight by going out with starlets.

After his acting career was finished, George Nader turned to writing a book. His first book was a sci-fi called ‘Chrome’ which was based on a same-sex relation between a man and humanoid. The book was an instant bestseller.

There are many ups and downs in the life of George Nader. Many people even compare it to that of a roller coaster.